Past Performances and Capabilities

Telephone Intercept Unit Support (TIU), Afghanistan:

FedSys provided more than 200 foreign language, local national linguists to support the Telephone Intercept Unit in Afghanistan. FedSys employees translated and monitored lawfully intercepted in-country telephonic communications and provided professionally written and detailed synopses, word-for-word translations, and real-time intelligence to US and Afghan law enforcement agencies. Our linguists translate Dari, Pashtu, Baluchi, Nuristani, Uzbeki, Pashai, Punjabi, and Urdu into English.

Border Management Task Force Support (BMTF), Afghanistan:

FedSys supported the USCENTCOM Counter Narcotics-funded BMTF Border Management Initiative at various internationally recognized ports of entry, inland customs depots, and international airports within Afghanistan. In addition, FedSys provides translators/linguists for Pashto, Dari, and Urdu languages to enable border advisors/mentors to work directly with their Afghan counterparts.

USSOCOM Counter-Terrorism Finance (CTF) Analysis and Arabic Translation Support:

FedSys provided Counter Threat Finance (CTF) intelligence analysts to USSOCOM to support the CTF mission. Our analysts act as theater subject matter experts against both state sponsored and non-state actors. FedSys also provides highly-proficient Arabic to English linguist and translator support to the USSOCOM Counter Narcoterrorism (CNT) Office.

Lawful Intercept Operations, Department of State and Iraqi Ministry of Interior:

FedSys developed, and instructed the Lawful Intercept (LI) Training Program that taught methods and techniques of lawful communications intercept to the Iraqi National Information and Investigation Agency. FedSys prepared a comprehensive course to teach criminal investigators to utilize LI as an investigative tool during criminal investigations; how to organize, and analyze LI intelligence; and how to prepare and present LI-derived evidence during prosecution.

Social Network Analysis Training for the Defense Intelligence Agency Human Intelligence Targeting Training Team:

FedSys provided instructional curriculum and training in integration, ingestion, and manipulation using Palantir in support of Social Network Analysis, network development, and visualization.

Joint Counter-Intelligence Training Academy (JCITA) Instruction:

FedSys provided Counterintelligence (CI) instructors in support of the mission of Defense Counterintelligences and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Center (DCHC) at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy (JCITA) in Quantico, Virginia.

Department of Transportation Intelligence Support:

FedSys provided focused threat analysis that was disseminated to senior DOT officials and the US Transportation System and prepared ad hoc reports on time-critical threat issues.

Information Technology Support for Army Logistics University (ALU), Ft. Lee, VA:

FedSys provided network administration, analysis, and maintenance to support the ALU average load of 2,300 students in 170 classrooms spanning all phases in the development of the ALU - design and construction, building occupancy, and operations.

Mentor-Protégé Relationship:

FedSys has sponsored a Department of State-approved mentor-protégé relationship with a woman-owned small disadvantaged business.

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