Company Overview

FedSys was founded in 2004 as a professional services corporation dedicated to supporting the federal government. In 2007 Matthew Mason acquired a majority interest in FedSys and it became a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. With new ownership and leadership came a new focus and FedSys began providing additional services to the government, including services in the areas of Language, Intelligence, Information Operations and Cyber Security. This change in strategy resulted in exponential growth and resulted in FedSys becoming one of the largest growing businesses in the defense industry.

In a short time FedSys has grown into a leading provider of professional services to the federal government, operating out of United States offices. FedSys professionals support agencies that include the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation as well as members of the Intelligence Community.

Mr. Mason became the sole shareholder in 2013.

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