Cyber Security

FedSys understands the importance of cyber operations to government security and has proven systems designed to provide government agencies with complete solutions. Whether an agency is tasked with fighting criminals, terrorists or defending against foreign attack, the FedSys cyber division has a scalable solution designed to meet ongoing or emergent operational needs.

The FedSys cyber division has worldwide deployment capabilities including the ability to provide services in austere and hostile areas of the world. Our specialized cyber professionals can provide government agencies with specific guidance and expertise in the areas of cyber security, cyber-counterintelligence, risk-management, digital network intelligence, vulnerability assessments and cyber instruction.

Cyber Security

The FedSys cyber security team understands that protecting against computer threats requires a full time commitment. Our experts work with the government to analyze and neutralize emerging threats, enabling continuous operations through the preservation of valuable information networks.

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command (MARFORCYBER) Cyber Security

FedSys supports MARFORCYBER by providing TS/SCI/Polygraph cleared security personnel in the following areas:

  • Information Security
  • Personnel Security
  • Administrative Security
  • Physical Security


In an age where espionage can be conducted from any point on the globe, the government requires experts who understand how to utilize cyber warfare tools within a counterintelligence framework. Fedsys counterintelligence experts are drawn from leading civilian and military agencies and are often former credentialed agents who have the experience and expertise required to carry out counterintelligence investigations to a successful conclusion.


FedSys personnel can assist government agencies in formulating contingency plans to ensure that no cyber attack will be catastrophic. Our experts can provide the specific software, hardware and risk mitigation tools necessary to ensure continuity of operations.

Digital Network Intelligence

Working with members of the Intelligence Community FedSys personnel were among the first to be exposed to the potential of digital network intelligence. FedSys is one of the few companies with the experience and capability necessary to assist the government in carrying out DNI operations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Whether it is a single facility or a large enterprise FedSys can assist in identifying vulnerabilities and providing strategies for their mitigation. In addition to current threats, FedSys personnel are continually researching emerging threats to better assist our customers with determining what measures will possibly pose a hazard to future operations.

Cyber Instruction

To ensure supremacy in cyber space the government requires a cadre of experts that can provide instruction to personnel in the utilization of cyber tools, specifically tailored to their areas of expertise.

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