organizational development

Organizational Development

The FedSys organizational development division was founded to provide independent, objective analysis of customer needs, evaluation of existing programs and recommendations for the creation of program infrastructure, personnel training, new program development, streamlined operations of existing programs, increased efficiencies and enhanced workflows. FedSys maintains a cadre of highly experienced subject matter experts capable of deploying anywhere in the world and familiar at serving government customers. This cadre enables the formulation of a plan tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers.

FedSys professionals are currently engaged in assisting government clients around the world, including supporting intergovernmental working groups on issues concerning Iraq & Afghanistan and recommendations and training concerning a foreign government's Customs & Border security structure and strategy. Through the use of cost modeling, subject matter expertise, and strategic planning, FedSys enables our government customers to develop sound strategy and program management tools that can be scaled for organizational growth and incorporated into future projects.

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